Special Projects and R&D Projects

Do you need a consultant to complete a special project?

Morin Services has shared its expertise and knowledge with the private sector as well as colleges, school boards, and literacy networks.  In the past several years, Morin Services has completed numerous small and large special projects and R&D projects, some with very tight deadlines.  With quality and professionalism at the heart of its work, Morin Services is constantly exceeding client expectations.

What kind of projects can Morin Services do for you?

  • Apply for funding
  • Conduct surveys
  • Coordinate special events
  • Create best practice models for delivering literacy service plans
  • Create mapping of postsecondary courses
  • Develop course content
  • Elaborate language assessments
  • Elaborate prior learning assessment models
  • Give workshops on motivational skills
  • Offer consulting services for the implementation of new postsecondary programs
  • Organize fundraising and sponsorship campaigns
  • Organize focus groups
  • Organize leadership camps
  • Validate course content
  • And many more

If you need someone to complete a project, contact Morin Services.  Not only are the consultations free, but our excellent bilingual customer service is sure to impress you!