How do I submit a document to have it translated?

Make sure your document is finalized and ready for translation. Then, email your document, preferably in a Word format (other formats are also accepted: PPT, Publisher, PDF, etc.), to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Morin Services will send you a quote usually within 24 hours. You can accept or refuse the quote by email.


Are quotes free?

Yes, quotes at Morin Services are free.


How much does it cost to have a document translated?

It depends on various elements: the number of words, if the document is written for a highly technical audience, if terminology searches are required, etc. Usually, Morin Services charges per word. The good news is that Morin Services offers discounts to return clients. The best way to proceed is to ask for a free quote.


How long does it take to have a document translated?

Please give Morin Services at least one week to have your document translated. Some lengthier documents will require more time.


Does Morin Services use a computer-assisted translation software?

Like most translators these days, yes. Yes, it does. Morin Services uses LogiTerm Pro by Terminotix. All translated documents at Morin Services are locally and safely saved in this software. Bitexts and full-text databases allow Morin Services to pretranslate documents, check for consistency, search terms from previous contracts and improve quality of work.


Does Morin Services offer other services?

Yes, of course! Morin Services specializes in translation services, but it also offers other language-related services such as

  • Revision, proofreading and editing services
  • Content writing
  • Document formatting such as creating posters, pamphlets, guides, and workbooks


When do I get an invoice?

Your invoice is emailed to you with your translated document.


Is Morin Services a registered business?

Yes. Morin Services has an Ontario Business Number. It is registered with Canada Revenue Agency.


Does Morin Services issue receipts?

Yes, it does.


Is the translator at Morin Services a certified translator?

Yes, the translator at Morin Services is a certified translator. Ms. Morin is also an Ontario certified teacher. Ms. Morin has bachelor’s degrees in Arts (history), Education, and Translation. Ms. Morin holds university certificates in Marketing and English Language Teaching to Adults. And, because she is passionate about music, Ms. Morin has an ARCT in Music Theory and History.


In what languages are documents translated at Morin Services?

Documents at Morin Services are mostly translated from Canadian English to Canadian French. Occasionally, Morin Services will translate documents from Canadian French to Canadian English.