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Just Stick It!

Did you know? The idea of sticky notes with adhesive was conceived in 1974? They have been around for quite some time. And, thank goodness for Post-it notes! My life would be in chaos if I didn’t have these little life-reminder notes! Let me show you how I use sticky notes.

Stick to Colours!

I consider myself an effective and organized person. I like to organize my tasks with coloured Post-its where each task is written on a note that refers to a coloured system of organization, for example, blue refers to my translation business, pink is school related, green is music lessons, etc. This system helps me to visually get a glimpse of my week and the tasks I have to accomplish.

Make a List and Stick it!

Every morning, I write my priorities on a large sticky note. I stick it on my desk in front of my computer, so it acts as a reminder all day.

I like to Move It, Move It!

Often, my Post-it notes will move from one day to the next because life is busy and I never get to do everything in one day. To me, it is easier to stick it on the next day than to have to erase the task and write it again.

Peggy Post-it Hands!

When my staff give me suggestions or reminders, I write them down on sticky notes, especially if we entertain a conversation in the hallway. I often get back to my desk with two or three notes stuck to my fingers. I feel like Edward Scissorhands, but with Post-it notes!

Whatever your uses for sticky notes, I think they are a great way to get organized. Personally, I plan on using them for years to come.